How do you propagate a Chinese money plant? It’s incredibly straightforward. Let’s start right now!

1. When to propagate

Once the new offshoot has about three to four leaves, preferably in spring or autumn, when the temperature is around 20°C.

2. What you’ll need

A clean, sharp knife, succulent soil, peat soil, a sand cushion, and a pot with drainage holes.

3. How to do it

Cut off the offshoot from the root or mother plant. If it already has roots, great! If not, no worries. It’ll grow roots quickly.

If you’re worried about its survival, you can start by water propagation – soaking the cut end of the offshoot in water about two to three centimeters deep. Place it in a well-lit, ventilated spot, changing the water every couple of days.

After about a week, you’ll see tiny white roots sprouting. When they’re about four to five centimeters long, transplant them into soil.

4. Potting

A soil mix of succulent soil and peat soil in a 1:2 ratio is ideal. Ensure the soil is loose and drains well. Add some slow-release fertilizer to the soil.

After potting, water it and keep it in a slightly shaded spot, maintaining slightly moist soil. Remember, no waterlogging!

For about ten days, keep the soil slightly moist. New roots will sprout from the base of the stems, after which you can gradually expose it to more light and care for it as you normally would.

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